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Automated Bidding Rules and Stagged Bidding

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Hey there,
I am trying to automate my bidding with automated bidding rules. Since I am using stagged bidding (keywords with multiple match types in one Ad Group and bidding higher the more restrictive the match type is) in my account I have to account for this when setting up the rules. I wanted to anchor the bids by the "estimated top of page CPC". However I am seeing great fluctuations between the different match types of the same keywords when it comes to the "estimated top of page CPC".


Exact: 1.24
Phrase: 2.10
Mod. Broad: 3.39


I feel like any automation I'll set up will mess up my Stagged Bids and will result in Google serving my Modified Broad match keyword even when the search query is matching my exact match keyword due to the higher ad rank.


Any thoughts on this or on how to automate bidding when using a stagged bidding approach are greatly appreciated.





Automated Bidding Rules and Stagged Bidding

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Hi Jochen,

I think, it not good idea to force Exact match keywords to show when broad or BMM keywords has high Adrank. If you force then you may end in paying high cpc for exact and result may not be good. (just my thought).

Adwords prefer - Ad relevancy and then ads rank and then match type to show ads.


I sometime use automatic bid like this

If I have conversion tracking and getting conversion

** increase bid by x% 

if, CPA < $x

Avg. position = worse than 2

( or something like that and also decrease bid with similar rule)


so that I can keep my profitable keywords in high position and reduce bid on costly keywords.

So you can also use like that and can create your own condition.


First, you have to decide what is your ultimate goal of create automated rules, do you just want o show exact match over broad or want to get maximum clicks @ low cpc or more conversion.


Other may provide you better idea.




Automated Bidding Rules and Stagged Bidding

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Hi Anil,

thanks for sharing your thoughts.

However, I am not really convinced by your statement "it not good idea to force Exact match keywords to show when broad or BMM keywords has high Adrank."


AdRank is not a feature of the keyword but the result of the live calculation in the ad auction and highly dependent on the bid. 


Are there any other thoughts on how to solve this? How are others approaching this.