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Audience not growing

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Hi all,


I've noticed that my audience figures for my re-marketing campaign have stopped rising, and have been at the same figure for around two weeks. The time period for the tag is 540 days.


This campaign captures all visits to our site, so, in theory, should just keep growing.


No changes to either the tag or the site have been made.


Has anyone else had this happen and if so, were you able to kickstart the audience collection?






Re: Audience not growing

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Posting this question to this thread, as usual, prompted some more thinking.


So, I compared the current tag code with the code originally given to me from Google and, surprise, surprise, the two snippets were very different.


I've just inserted the 'new' code and will wait to see if my audience starts growing again.


I'm sure that this code change was well advertised - how did I miss it?