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Asynchronous remarketing tag not getting into adwords

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First off: Sorry if i'm writing on the wrong board! If so, please let me know where i can post this question, and i will relocate it Smiley Happy


I'm a developer at a small company, and we have outsourced our adwords to another company that set up our campaigns.


I'm being asked to add the google adwords remarketing tag from Shared Libraries -> Audiences -> Tag details, so we can monitor 4 products (201, 202, 203 and 204) when they are: viewed, added to cart and/or checked out.

Now, I know very little about adwords, and i've tried to find my way around the admin interface, but with hundreds of campaigns, lists, and whatnot, i really don't have a clue what i'm looking at.
So i'm kinda developing here "in the dark"  - I can't see if my stuff is going trough - and the other company is no help, and the only information they can provide me with is "nothing is coming trough".

Our webpage is a single page application, so i figured i'd have to use the Asynchronous AdWords Remarketing Tag:

So i add the script to our page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" charset="utf-8"></script>



And i call it like so when needed (viewed, added to cart and checked out - with different ecomm_pagetype's):


  google_conversion_id: *********,
  google_custom_params: {
    ecomm_prodid: 201,
    ecomm_pagetype: 'product',
    ecomm_totalvalue: 1000,
    currency: 'DKK',
    country: 'DK',
    location: '/headphones/tma-2/all-round-preset'
  google_remarketing_only: true


This is an actual example. I don't know if i should write the google_conversion_id here, but i can provide it if necessary - it's the one taken from the Shared Libraries -> Audiences -> Tag details page.


When i view google tag assistant, i can see 2 successfull tags: "Google Analytics" and "Remarketing Tag".
If i expand "Remarketing Tag" i can see the Conversion ID (same as above) and i can click on the "(1) Requests" underneath, and it shows me the google_custom_params i've sent:



ecomm_prodid:       203
ecomm_pagetype:     product
ecomm_totalvalue:   1000
currency:           DKK
country:            DK
location:           /headphones/tma-2/all-round-preset



It gives me a blue non-serious notification that i can enter a "Feed ID" and get the tag validated.
When i try that, i enter the Feed ID that i got from the other company, it validates fine... But mind, it also validates if i write 123456789, so i'm not sure how helpfull that is...


When i look on the Shared library -> Audiences it says:


Remarketing tag
[ success ] Google Analytics tag last active at 3:07 PM
[ success ] Adwords tag last active at 3:26 PM
[ error ] We haven't detected custom parameters for Retail (Google Analytics)
which expands to:

The tag is active but we couldn't find any custom parameters.

which expands to:

We didn't find the custom parameter "ecomm_prodid"




Alright, so that's the gist of it! now to the questions:


1) Am i doing something completely wrong?
2) Is there any other way to trouble shoot this than google tag assistant?


Any help is appreciated, since i'm kinda lost here...


Thanks for reading!


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Re: Asynchronous remarketing tag not getting into adwords

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Hi @Andy B did you get anywhere solving this?


It seems to me that the problem may lie in how the code is implemented on the site.  Rather than trying to use your own version of the tag, have you tried simply following the instructions on setting up dynamic remarketing for AdWords?


Sorry if you've already tried this! 



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Re: Asynchronous remarketing tag not getting into adwords

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HI Andy
I have had my share of issues with tag assistant. If you are using chrome in network monitor ( right click>inspect element> network) search for request with "?random" . Once you locate request which starts with "?random" look for query string "data=" in this request and check for ecom_pagetype and other values.
Hope this helps
Regards, Nik
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