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Assigning Audiences

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I have a question regarding the assignment of Audiences.  I use both the AdWords Editor and the web interface.  My business wants to attract a very specific subset of internet users, and I have had extremely satisfactory results in one of my Ad groups by assigning a carefully defined Audience.  I would like to assign that Audience to ALL of my ads with the ability to make a small tweak here and there.  The question is, what am I overlooking in either the Editor or the web interface?  It seems that I need to do this on an Ad group by Ad group basis, which is very time consuming.  Is there a way to do this on, at the very least, a Campaign level?


(BTW, I have added an Audience to the Shared Library on line, but the library function seems to be missing in the Editor.  Again, am I missing something?)


As always, thanks in advance for any help you can offer here.

Re: Assigning Audiences

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To Assign one Audience to Multiple Ad Groups in Editor Follow These Steps


1. Go to the Audiences Tab 

2. Select Make Multiple Changes

3. Select Assign Update Multiple Audiences

4. Enter the Appropriate Information

5. If You Want to Apply it to all Ad Groups in a Campaign Select that Campaign(s) in the Window on the Left

6. Otherwise Select the Appropriate Ad Groups


If you select Assign Audience, then chose an Ad Group, you should see User Lists.  That is your Shared Library.


Edit: I'm not sure what you mean by " the ability to make a small tweak here and there".  Audiences are shared, which means if you want to tweak an audience for a specific ad group, you should create a new audience.