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Applying account label in a script

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Hi guys,


I am quite new to AdWords scripts API, and cannot understand, what i am doing wrongly, I will appreciate any help.

I have a lot more then 50 sub-accounts in my AdWords account, and i have to schedule my script to run multiple times to process everything. To mark the accounts, which are already processed, i want to use account labels.


I take another 50 accounts without my label, and execute in parallel. Then after processing i want to add the label.


var processedLabel = 'SCR-34 done';


function main () {

  var accountIterator = MccApp.accounts().withCondition('LabelNames DOES_NOT_CONTAIN "' + processedLabel + '"').withLimit(50);
  accountIterator.executeInParallel("processClientAccount", "afterProcessAllClientAccounts");



function processClientAccount() {
  var clientAccount = AdWordsApp.currentAccount();;  


  // logic here

  clientAccount.applyLabel(processedLabel);  // line 222



And everything goes fine before line 222:

TypeError: Cannot find function applyLabel in object Account. (line 222)


Please advise how do i apply the label to account when executing in parallel.



Thank you,


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Re: Applying account label in a script

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(1) applylabel for accounts is unsupported -- setName is likely what is wanted;

(2) labelnames are sets (arrays) so string conditions are not supported --
the likely options are to either use a more appropriate condition
or, use accountlabels() and labelname so a string can be used;

as opposed to accounts() and labelnames.

generally, be careful when manipulating mcc-account-level labels
and sub-account-level labels -- these are not necessary the same
with respect to the various script-api calls.

also, the scripts forum is currently here:!forum/adwords-scripts

Re: Applying account label in a script

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Hi @Юлия В I don't think the applyLabel method is the problem.  Unless I'm mistaken this is a valid method for the Account object - it's still shown in the scripts documentation and still appears in the auto-enter prompt for an Account object...


I would suspect the problem is that clientAccount is not a valid Account object and this is probably because "DOES_NOT_CONTAIN" is not the correct operator for LabelNames as @Celebird has said.  Use "CONTAINS_NONE" instead and you may find it springs into life.



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Re: Applying account label in a script

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Hello Celebird,

Thank you for your reply.
As i understand both your suggestions are about renaming accountLabels itself? Which is not what i really need.

But you are right, that applyLabel for accounts is not supported, and thank you for the link, i found out, that it's not only me who is waiting for this method Smiley Happy It is in TODO list since last year.

(Though i just noticed, that it is mentioned in documentation, like it is supported:

I am confused now)

As for my case, i'll try to save the list of processed accounts' IDs in a google spreadsheet instead - till applyLabel method is introduced.

Thanks again,

Re: Applying account label in a script

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Hi Jon,


Thank you for your time.
Everything should be fine with my selector, it works, and returns valid Account objects (at least other account methods work fine). I wrote it based on this:


For Array columns (e.g. LabelNames):


Actually that's weird, as applyLabel is in the documentation:
But it doesn't work, and doesn't appear in auto-suggest list:
auto-suggest for account

Re: Applying account label in a script

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first, you're welcome.

the client-account labels are not the same as the mcc-account-labels --
client-accounts cannot directly apply labels to its mcc-account entry.

those api reference (apply) label methods seem to be for mccapp, not adwordsapp;
whereas, the code's (apply) label methods seem to be for adwordsapp, not mccapp --
i believe such account label methods are not currently supported.

the condition filter and do not change those details --
but once called, do effect the ability to call (label) methods on
mcc (app) account-labels, since a client-account is now selected.

assuming what is wanted is to reach-back and effect the mcc-labels,
one possibility is to use the client-id to change the appropriate set.

for example --
// logic here

function setMccLabel(aap) {
// assumes required processedLabel exists in the mcc-account-labels database
// note: apply adds the label -- not a replace
// TODO: validation and error checking for aap, map, processedLabel, etc.

var map = MccApp.accounts().withIds([aap.getCustomerId()]).get().next();

Logger.log("setMccLabel:aap: " + aap.getName() + ':' + aap.getCustomerId());
Logger.log("setMccLabel:map: " + map.getName() + ':' + map.getCustomerId());

// uncomment the next line to go live:
// map.applyLabel(processedLabel);