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App promotion ad: questions

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I have created an enhanced Search Only Network - all features campaign to use app promotion ads fro my android app.

Once I create the app promotion ad, the icon is not displayed in the preview (only in my app). My app is very new in the play store but I don't know if it matters, because I can setup the ad with my app.


I read here: "With enhanced campaigns, click-to-download ads will no longer trigger the app icon". Enhanced campaigns doesn't trigger the icon? srly?


Furthermore, I have been waiting about 2 hours and my ads aren't not showed. My max cpc is very high in order to start the campaign ASAP, btw I don't know why my ads not start publishing.


Thank you very much, I'll appreciate any tips to improve my android campaign.


Re: App promotion ad: questions

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Suddenly my icon appears but now I have the following notice in my keywords:

I have to wait more? What I can do?