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App install ads character limits

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Hi guys,


I'm having a few issues creating a mobile app install campaign. These are:


-I can't download the ads into adwords editor

-the 'free' button in the ad preview cuts off my description line two - do app install ads have shorter character limits?

-my ads are disapproved on the basis on relevancy/clarity but I can't see why - sample ad below:


"Alcohol Tracking App

Worried About Your Drinking?

Make a Change Today"


Any help on this would greatly appreciated!






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Re: App install ads character limits

Google Employee
# 2
Google Employee

Hi Saskia,


Thanks for posting!


- Are the ads you are trying to download supported in Editor: ?

- I'm not too sure if the ads have a shorter character limits - thoughts from the Community?

- Can you send a screenshot of your ad? Do you have any extra spaces? Are there any lines of text missing? 


Has anyone else on the Community ever experienced this before? 

Re: App install ads character limits

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# 3
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Hi Rachel,

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

The link you shared tell me the following:
App promotion ads - Yes (limited) "You can download app promotion ads and copy them to other campaigns in the same account. To create an app promotion ad, you'll need to sign in to AdWords online."
This seems to imply I can download app promo ads in adwords editor.

Here's a screenshot of a disapproved ad:


Thank you!


Re: App install ads character limits

Google Employee
# 4
Google Employee

Hi Saskia,


Thanks for attaching the screenshot! 


From reading the ad, I can't see why they would violate the clarity/accuracy policy - can you re-submit them for review or request the Support Team to check with the Ad Review Team?


With regards to AdWords Editor, can you enable diagnostic logging in Editor and attempt to login to Editor and download the ads again? If it doesn't work, you may need to send the logs to the Support Team so they can check if there is a technical issue. 


I hope this helps! 

Re: App install ads character limits

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# 5
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Hi again Rachael,

Thanks again for your response.

I did re-submit the ads and they were approved, though I'm still not sure why they were disapproved in the first place.

Thanks for your tip on adwords editor, I'll try that.