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Although your ad is showing

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Although your ad is showing, its rank is not high enough to place it on the first page of search results. This is the massage i see after i hover over the bubble next to my keywords. The interesting fact is why there is no messege " bellow 1st page bid". I  use manual bidding so i used to see this message when my ads weren't showing because the bid was not high enough. 

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Re: Although your ad is showing

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Hi NoraA,


I have no idea why you don't see that message. Have you added the "Est. first page bid" column? That might make it a little easier to spot those keywords.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Although your ad is showing

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Hi NoraA

your ad is showing, its rank is not high enough to place it on the first page of search results .

It has two reason :

1) Quality score of your keyword is low.

2) Bid of your keywords is low.


To solve it ,you will have to do two things:

1) Increase quality score of your keywords. See how How to increase quality score

2) Increase the bid of your keywords . To know more about bidding please visit this page


Hope this helps.

Re: Although your ad is showing

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Yes, I added "Est. first page bid". My QS is about 5/10, it is not very high but the camapign just started. I need some data in order to optimize it. But if i do not get any clikcs and impressions it won`t be possible.

Re: Although your ad is showing

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Hi NoRa,


It happens when you start a campaign and set manual biding. Within couple of hour you will see, you have very poor quality score and then adwords will start displaying you the estimated first page CPC. Basic reasons behind this message is:


1. Your landing page is not good.

2. Your quality score is not so good.

3. You are placing your advertisement during the top hour of the day.




1. best solution is improve the quality score. Dont rely on the current score, because it will go down in next few hours. I assume you have landing page issue. Please rectify that, coz LPQ will contribute greater part of your QS while starting the cmapaign.


2. Bid higher thatn your current bid amount, as this is highly competitive hours. 


Hope this will work.  


Cheers !!