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Agency for many clients trying to link up Location Extension for Google My Business

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Hi guys. First time poster so I hope I'm in the right place. The company I work for manages many Adwords clients, and we are trying to link up their location extensions.
We are unable to linkup clients Google My Business account with their Adwords to create their local extension. I have read how to link them up and I understand it, however there appears to be no information for agencies or managers who work with many clients. It's all based on one google my business and one adwords account.
We have the ability to add ourselves in our clients Google My Business as managers, however we have just discovered that then once we have them in our Google My Business and link up location extensions, it feeds in EVERYONE's Google My Business info that we are managing, and starts displaying other people's contact information in ads. There appears to be no method of selecting which map is associated with which business, it just syncs everyone who is listed in our account that we manage and there's no way to individually select or remove certain locations per client.
Many of our clients have added us as managers of their Adwords accounts, but we don't have access to their personal logins to update things on their end with ease.
Does anyone have any advice or means of a way around this as there will be many more clients to come and there needs to be some kind of method to do this.

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Re: Agency for many clients trying to link up Location Extension for Google My Business

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Hi @Trish M,


Welcome to the Google Partners community. We are happy to assist with this.


Please know that I am a agency owner and link dozens of clients via AdWords Manager Account and Google My Business... so I do understand what you are experiencing and how concerning it seems. Okay, let's get started...


When you open a individual Google AdWords account (as an agency) and go to add location extensions to their account, the system does see all of your Google My Business locations. And if you just link your accounts and walk away... you will be streaming all locations, which would be terrible to do. So, you have to use a filter to align the right business with the right location information. By doing so, you have complete control over what location is paired to what AdWords account. 


Please take a look at this screen shot and then we will proceed. 


location extensions filter.png


As you can see, the filter provides a way to do what you need to do. I always use the same two options with all of my filters and they work great. Those are all you need to use to make it work, so just stick with these two. Before you do this in AdWords, you will want to go to your Google My Business dashboard and copy & paste the exact name of the business from the dashboard. Caps, spelling, etc.. all need to match exactly. And for each business you must assign a label, which you do by clicking on each business in your Google My Business dashboard. The label can be XYZ or MYPlace or myplace or myplace1 or whatever you want. The key is to keep each one unique and something that makes sense to you. Once you assign the label, you will want to copy & paste it like you did with the business name earlier. A spreadsheet works great for this. After you compile all of this data from the Google My Business dashboard, you are ready to set up location extensions in each individual AdWords account. 


Looking back at the screenshot, you will paste the business name and the label and click Done. It will take a few hours to appear, but the location extension will show active after doing this. There is nothing more to do and only the location you added will show... not all of your synced accounts/locations. 


Once you do a few, you will be a pro at this and can pop them out in no time. This is the process you will use for all of your clients. For those clients that you do not have access to their Google My Business listings... you can simply ask them to add the label you want and proceed. Once you have the exact business name and exact label... you can add location extensions to any AdWords account. 


Please give it a go and let us know what you discover. 


Kind Regards,








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Agency for many clients trying to link up Location Extension for Google My Business

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@Trish M


When you go to sync your Business account with the client account you are in, you will see a link on the confirm popup that says, "Create a filter to limit which locations appear."

Usually the easiest parameter to use is the "Business Name" one. There are other options in case you have a franchise situation or something similar.

If you don't create a filter here and do allow all businesses to sync up with that client account, you still have another option. Once the account is synced, edit the location extension, and you'll see a radio button option for "Locations I pick."  Select it and you'll see you then have options to choose.  

Agency for many clients trying to link up Location Extension for Google My Business

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Thank you SO very much!!! I'll be attacking this tomorrow and fingers crossed I can sort this out. Many thanks!