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Agency - How to create "read-only" permissions to several clients?

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Good afternoon guys, how are you?


So here's the situation: we are an agency with multiple AdWords clients. We always took pride in our transparency and letting our clients know everything we are doing, so we have always conceded read-only access to all our clients.


The issue is this: not all clients have "virgin" Gmail accounts, so we have always created a new Gmail for them with which they login and check their account's performance. The problem is now this is getting out of hand. We have been closing deals with 2-3 clients per day and we simply do not have enough mobile verification numbers to continue creating these accounts for our clients.


My question is this: How on earth could we simplify this process and grant our clients access to their account without having to manually create Google Accounts and linking them to our new AdWords?


Is there any easy way? How do you guys do it? Can anyone shed some light on this?


Thank you very much in advance


Best Regards to all

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Re: Agency - How to create "read-only" permissions to severa

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You can give account access to any email id, the only condition is email id you are giving access, is not already associated with an adwords account.

I also work for an agency but our clients provide admin access to agency's MCC account. so clients always have login details of their accounts.

Rahul Goel

Re: Agency - How to create "read-only" permissions to severa

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You could send the invite to their main employer email address in lieu of creating multiple ghost accounts every time you want to grant access. We invite the client's work email typically as a read-only. This seems to be the best way to keep it at a manageable level. Also congrats on all the new signups. 2-3 a day is very impressive.

Providing they are not currently linked to another GA account you will be good.

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