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After improvements STILL!!!!!!! A quality score 3/10??????

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I have a simple text-based HTML web site.

I run a service business

I used all the words in my AdWords ad in my landing page.

and I'm paying over 30 bucks a click!

How can I improve 3/10 QS.

Do I have to use the words multiple times in my Adwords Site landing page?

This is very disheartening

Does it take weeks for Google to re-evaluate my quality score.  Can I send a request?

Can someone tell me how often QS is evaluated/re-evaluated?


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Re: After improvements STILL!!!!!!! A quality score 3/10??????

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Hi Bobby,

The main ingredients to a better QS is going to be by improving CTR. CTR is the most important factor since it reflects the quality and relevancy of the user interacting with your ads. Then landing page experience and keywords are the other leading factors . Don't forget if the campaign is new it will take some time to get your QS up.

Here are a couple of fun links to get your secret QS Sauce

Good luck!

Re: After improvements STILL!!!!!!! A quality score 3/10??????

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Please note that simply adding the text in your ad copies and over your landing page is not going to be of much help. All that matters is the relevancy and how relevant your ad copy is with respect to your landing page. AdWords is looking for the best customer experience when the user clicks an ad. If that's being fulfilled, that's it.


Quality Score is a magical metric that depends upon lot of factors and most importantly the CTR, relevancy as mentioned above.


You also need to review whether the keywords you are using are of which match types i.e exact, phrase or broad. Typically an exact match keyword would have the higher CTR compared to other less restrictive match type keywords.


Also, an improvement in the Quality Score is a gradual process. It is not going to improve immediately. Work on your account's CTR, look at  the landing page experience, see if the current set of keywords are the most relevant or need changes.


My 2 cents!


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Re: After improvements STILL!!!!!!! A quality score 3/10??????

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Hi Bobbym880,

The landing page score is the least relevant to your keyword QS. Including your keywords multiple times on your landing page may actually hurt more than help. The landing page score is based on usability and other factors. If adding the keywords multiple times makes the page read strangely, that could lower your score.

Optimizing your landing page for paid search is not the same as for SEO.

Ok, now to answer your question. QS is calculated each and every time QS is used or displayed. It is a dynamic score that depends on the actual query, the ad copy, ad extensions, and, most importantly, CTR. A QS of 3/10 indicates your CTR is a good bit less than that of your competitors' ads.

Is your site mobile-friendly? If not, you'll suffer a big loss in landing page score. Are you keywords broad match? If so, you are likely showing your ad for many unrelated searches, and the lowers your CTR which lowers your QS.

Run a search terms report and see if you can identify queries that are unrelated to your service then see if you can add them as negative keywords. If you have broad match terms of a single word, that can cause havoc in your account. If you have broad match terms with more than one word, consider converting to broad match modified (BMM) to help eliminate unrelated queries.

As others have said, work on your CTR.

Best of Luck,

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

After improvements STILL!!!!!!! A quality score 3/10??????

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Hi Bobby,


First identify what is causing the low qual score. Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Campaigns on the top most part of the page. You will arrive at all campaigns page.

2. Click on "Keywords" tab

3. You will see a column titled "Status". Hover your cursor over the dialog box over each of your search terms, it will expand to tell you which component of your qual score is poor resulting in overall qual score decline.


Each of the three components of qual score will require a different tactics to address:

1. Poor Landing page experience - Are you bidding on the right keyword to target this page? for example, if your page showcases designer flower arrangements for corporates and parties, are you bidding on terms "winter flowers"?


2. Poor Expected Click through Rates - Think like a customer, see if he were searching with this keyword term, is he actually looking for your product?


3. Ad relevance - If you got this below average, you are certainly not bidding for the right search term.