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After how long time, remarketing rule are live?

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I created a new remarketing rule. My first one.


The aim is to hidde my ads to some visitors who have already visited some specific pages.


So i created a new list, put on there the "url contains" and apply an exclusion on my campain to all people who are on this list.


After 1 hour i did a test: i go on google find my website click on the add, go on one of the page specified. After 1 hour i came back to google and my domain was there. Normally with my rule, my URL would disapear.


Any advice? We have a large traffic. Maybe it's because i just set up my list and the system need to wait an update after 24 hours?

Re: After how long time, remarketing rule are live?

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Hello Sebastien,


Are you trying to exclude a list from a Search campaign ?


If so please note the following : link



How to exclude audiences

Keep in mind

Audience exclusions are available only for these campaign types:

  • "Display Network only - Remarketing"
  • "Display Network only - All features"
  • "Search & Display Networks - All features"

If you have a different campaign type, you won't be able to exclude remarketing lists or interest categories."


You can however add that audience as targeting and set a bid adjustment to minus 90% on it.

Also to test for your self you have to be logged out a google account when doing the search and clicking on your Ad.


The AdWords tag does not add users to a Search remarketing list who are logged in a google account when visiting the page with the tag.


This is the reason why the same tag shows different numbers in the Shared Library / Audiences under columns "Search" and "Display"

Re: After how long time, remarketing rule are live?

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Super i just followed your precious advices thanks! One last question about it. This is now just 4 or 5 hours the list are created. IT display no impression and no list size. I imagine there a little moment like 24 hours to begin to see some figures?

Re: After how long time, remarketing rule are live?

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All metrics in adwords have a delay. Wait 2-7 days , if nothing happens , then it is time to worry.


Remarketing in search requires lists of at least 1000 cookies unlike in display 100 cookies. Sometimes the lists become smaller if many users clear the cookies from their browsers .