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Adwords report or data in Google sheets , maybe google scripts ?

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i Think what i am trying to do is simple but i just cannot find the way to do this. i am looking and searching all over the internet and cannot find a good solution. 


what i want to do is export the report (csv) file to a google spreadsheet and have it updated daily automatically. 

i know i can download this daily manually but this is not an option for me. 


what i found so far is that Google scripts is a good way to export data because i cannot seem to find a way to export the csv file daily. 


the problem is i can find all sorts of scripts that exports (main campains) but i need it for a shopping product campain. 


the ideal export would be : 


collum 1  : date (by day-month-year) 

collum 2 : item-ID (this is my product sku)

collum 3 : clicks

collum 4 : CTR
Collum 5 : Avg CPC 

Collum 6 : Cost 


can someone help me setup a script that pulls this data from adwords , and updates it daily ? 

thanks in advanced, 

Best Regards Pim 




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Adwords report or data in Google sheets , maybe google scripts ?

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Hey Pim, 


Have you tried using the Google Analytics Sheets Add-On? 

Try looking at the following documentation: 


While I have never used it to pull shopping data there is a good chance it can do this. 


Let me know if it works for you!

- Josh

Joshua, Top Contributor
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