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Adwords_grouping Question

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I paid a guy to fix my feed but now I see that I needed him to now add the Adwords_grouping. But I'm confused about how to separate those groups. 


If I create the attribute in my shopping cart, then do I group them in Adwords or in my shopping cart?


I know how to add the attribute adwords_grouping but not the products into specific groups in my shopping cart? 


I hope that makes sense.

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Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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Let's get rid of this "keywords" question , i found the explanation here


So the conclusion is that you can have text ads inside the PLA campaign, this is why keywords are active.


To get to bid to a product level, you can create adgroups with 1 product in them and use the product unique ID from the feed in the setup screen. After adding the ID it should tell you that only 1 product matched the variable ID.


Auto targerts > Add product target > Add a grioup of products > and id=.....


Can you change the bid to a lower level than the ad_group level ?


[Later edit]


To optimise the text you need to edit the attributes from the merchant center like it says here



 Product_type attribute: This attribute classifies your product. So you probably want to closely match the organization of products on your website. However, it is also important to choose a powerful description to reach the highest potential of traffic but with the least competition. So for example if you were a clothing retailer selling women’s black dresses, this attribute may be Clothing > Women’s Clothing > Dresses >Little Black Dresses. You also want to do some keyword research whether it is best to use ‘women’s clothing’, ‘women’s clothes, or ‘women’s apparel’. The wording with the most potential traffic but the least competition should be chosen.

-       Title and description attributes: The text of the title attribute will be shown on the general search results and Shopping results pages.

In the example shown above, the titles are not as eye catching as they could be. However, some of these ads actually use the catch phrase “little black dress” which highlights the phrase in the title.

The description will only be shown on the Shopping results page. So first of all you have to make sure that your title and description is consistent with the image of your product displayed. Secondly, make sure that it includes an exact description of the product you are offering. Furthermore, capitalize on trends, holidays, or other current events and change your descriptions accordingly to get a competitive advantage over your competitors. The titles and descriptions need to also fit within Google’s character limits. So it is important to make sure that they are neither too short nor too long and are fresh and appealing for the consumer to want to buy your product. Product feed titles and descriptions can be optimized with the same tactics used for ad text and SEO page titles and descriptions.



For example instead of Product_type=suplements, you can create a longer keyword like Product_type=suplements+word1+word2



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Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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For the first line    Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


I would change it to "Protein Shake Bottle - Trimcare Wildberry Splash (6pk)" , in order to have the more general searched words  to be thefirst indexed words from the title . It is more likely for users to search "protein shake" instead of "trimcare wildberry".


These titles have lower chances to be searched because they don't take full advantage of the 70 character count


Wild Berry Fruit Drink 7/Box
Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Drink 7/Box
Peach Mango Fruit Drink 7/Box


I would rephrase them like this 


Fruit Drink - Low Fat, Diet Protein, Wild Berry flavour 7/Box
Fruit Drink - Low Fat, Diet Protein, Strawberry Kiwi flavour 7/Box
Fruit Drink - Low Fat, Diet Protein, Peach Mango flavour 7/Box


Even for the long titles like 

CortiTrim Cortisol Control Dietary Supplement 60 Capsules

Chelated Calcium Dietary Supplement 180 Capsules


I have looked in the descriptions and have added more keywords about advantages


CortiTrim Cortisol Control Dietary Supplement 60 Cps appetite control

Chelated Calcium Dietary Supplement 180 Cps. , Vitamin D, no alergens


Here is how I would rename the titles of products to use most of the 70 allowed character count



Trimcare Wildberry Splash Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


Protein Shake,Dietary Sweetener,Trimcare Wildberry Splash Bottle (6pk)



Trimcare Vanilla Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


Protein Shake,Dietary Sweetener,Trimcare Vanilla Bottle (6pk)



Trimcare Raspberry Tea Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


Protein Shake,Dietary Sweetener,Trimcare  Raspberry Tea Bottle (6pk)



Trimcare Kiwi Strawberry Twist Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


Protein Shake,Diet drink,Trimcare Kiwi Strawberry Twist Bottle (6pk)



Trimcare Proticcino Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


Proticcino Protein Shake,Dietary Weight Loss,Trimcare Bottle (6pk)



Trimcare Pineapple Orange Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


Protein Shake,Dietary Sweetener,Trimcare Pineapple Orange Bottle (6pk)



Trimcare Orange-Sicle Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


Protein Shake,Dietary Weight Loss,Trimcare  Orange-Sicle Bottle (6pk)



Trimcare Chocolate Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


Protein Shake,Dietary Weight Loss,Trimcare Chocolate Bottle (6pk)



Wild Berry Fruit Drink 7/Box


Fruit Drink – Weight Loss, Diet Protein, Wild Berry flavour 7/Box



Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Drink 7/Box


Fruit Drink – Weight Loss, Diet Protein, Strawberry Kiwi flavour 7/Box



Peach Mango Fruit Drink 7/Box


Fruit Drink – Weight Loss, Diet Protein,  Peach Mango flavour 7/Box



Trimcare Vanilla Shake Meal Replacement


Diet Protein Shake for Weight Loss, Trimcare Vanilla flavour 7/Box



Trimcare Orange-Sicle Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


Diet Protein Shake for Weight Loss,Trimcare Orange-Sicle flavour 7/Box



Trimcare Lemon Razzy Protein Shake Bottle (6pk)


Diet Protein Shake for Weight Loss,Trimcare Lemon Razzy flavour 7/Box



Variety Pack Crispy Protein Bars 7/Box


Diet Protein Bars , Crispy Delice,Weight Loss, Variety Pack 7/Box



Peanut Butter Protein Bars 7/Box


Diet High Protein Bars, Weight Loss, Peanut butter flavour 7/Box



Caramel Crunch Protein Bars 7/Box


Diet High Protein Bars, Weight Loss,  Caramel Crunch flavour 7/Box



Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Bars 7/Box


Diet High Protein Bars,Weight Loss,Strawberry Cheesecake flavour 7/Box



Peanut Butter & Jelly Bar Protein Bars 7/Box


Diet High Protein Bars,Weight Loss, Peanut Butter & Jelly 7/Box



Double Chocolate Crispy Protein Bars 7/Box


Diet Protein Bars,Weight Loss, Double Chocolate Crispy flavour 7/Box




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Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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In order to use different attributes, you will need to create product targets while setting up your PLA campaign. Using product targets will use all the permutation and combinations while accessing your feed and accordingly displaying your product ad.


Find more details in this reference:



Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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"But I'm confused about how to separate those groups. "


How many groups do you have ?

How do you want your campaign to be structured and how are your products structured ?

Did you try to setup the feed with the Adwords_grouping column  and how exactly ?


For targeting you can also use adwords_labels , as discussed here



or the ID field







Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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After some more reading , it seems that a good approach is to assign id's  for every product and use AdWords Editor and Excel to generate ad-groups fast


This way for every product you can chose a bid, create a text ad and see statistics.

Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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Hi Adrian,


Thanks for helping me out as I am really confused. Right now, I have one campaign #1 and it lists "All products". default bid to .10 cents per click. I have 37 products, 5 supplement, 


I haven't set up any grouping. I am selling Supplements,Soups, Beverages, Cookies, Snacks, Breakfast and Protein Bars. 


In my feed it separates the above categories under "product type: Beverages", "product type: Supplements" etc.


I was thinking I should create "ad group" for the supplements,  protein bars and food. My reasoning for this is that I could adjust my CPC bid for each group. I am thinking that when I separate them into groups, I can target keywords for my PLA but still wondering if Google does this automatically for PLA.


For example, if some searched for "best weight loss supplements" I would want my PLA ads to show for that term. Does Goolge do this automatically or should I create a "product target" or "ad group" and enter the keywords for that group?


Right now, Campaign #1 > Ad Group #1 > It says "Your campaign settings show that you want to run text ads on search pages. You'll need to add keywords for your ads to run."


I haven't added any keywords because I think google chooses when to show my products? I hope this makes sense.

Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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Right now, Campaign #1 > Ad Group #1 > It says "Your campaign settings show that you want to run text ads on search pages. You'll need to add keywords for your ads to run."

This is because you did not setup a PLA campaign, you need to select the third option like this :




There are no keywords to setup except negative keywords, product listing ads use product targets to determine when items in your Google Merchant Center account appear on a search results page.


Look at the column F of your feed, do you see the ID's of your 37 products ? You have very few products, I recommend that you use the ID instead of the adgroups_adwords to link a product to the PLA setup.


If your really want to set the adwords_grouping variable, you need to do it from the Merchant Account, it accepts only 1 value per product. It is like an ID set by you , but for a group of products not just one product like the other ID, for example for all the supplements set the "adwords_grouping" variable to "supplements".  In a programming language this is defined as a "pointer" , you point at what products from the feed belong to a certain category.


"adwords_grouping: A custom defined grouping of products. This attribute only accepts one value per product. You can create your own grouping as you see fit. Examples of custom groupings could be those of grouping the products per season, per designer, per manufacturer, per year, per model, etc" .


In your feed, the excel file, do you have the "adwords_grouping" column with any values ?


Try this


1) Go to your AdGroup and deselect "Auto targets / All products" , in order to be able to select only a few targets from the feed.




2) When you do that you get a warning like this that tells you that you need to select products on your own from the feed




3) After you save the ad group, you will be lead by the interface to the "Auto-target" section , to pick a target :




4) Click on the drop down menu where it says "id" and just select "adwords_grouping" attribute. This attribute must be in your feed. Then write the attribute value in the box near the equal sign



Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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Hello Adrian,


All I can say is wow, thanks for taking the time to help me out.

First, Campaign 1 > Ad group #1 > 


Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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This is like playing ping-pong blind-folded Smiley Happy


about this 


"and yet, it still thinks I want to set up text ads? and it has the option to add keywords, which I think is why I am confused about whether they are needed or not."


Could you attach a print-screen to your latest post with this message "to set up text ads" , where exactly tells you to setup up text ads ? Just hit the "Options / edit" button and then attact the picture. It will be much more easy to diagnose like this.


About the "Auto targerts > View: Product targets > and product_type=Supplements. " , you did very good, you selected in the adgroup only products from the "product_type" variable.


If you expand you store and add supplements brand1 and supplements brand2, you will need the "adgroups_adwords" variable to be setup, since you will not be able to separate the two brands from each other if you set them with the same "product_type". But for now you are ok.


I found this video tutorial you should watch also , to learn a few more things about the PLA setup :



and also this one




Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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Hey Adrian, This is my first screen shot. As you can see Campaign #1 > Ad Group #1 > Keywords, you can see the brown box under the graph asking me to add keywords. Right now no keywords and as you can see I have one click.


Now, Ad Group #1 is "all products". I separated supplement and Protein Bars, just to "test" things out. The good part is this one click lead to a sale.The bad part is I can't track it. I looked in the supplements and protein bars and there were no clicks, which matches the sale because it was a pancake mix and that product is in ad group #1 = "all products"


I can tell that it would be much more beneficial to separate everything down to a product, that way I can track the clicks to products.


Adrian, I saw one of the video's but I'm not sure about the other. I'm a work right now and I won't be able to get to it until later tonight. Having that one sale really helps and boost moral!



Re: Adwords_grouping Question

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Adrian, Thanks for hanging tough and helping me with all this. Today was the first day that I learned how to take a screen shot and post it. Sorry that the first one sucked, but I'm learning. I was away from a computer for 18 months so my skills are a little rusty. But he are a couple of better shots.



Okay so this is how I "arranged" my adgroups. The draw back is that I can't drill into each product. I'm going to have to set it up so individual products.


Next up it the Ad group #1 



You can see that when you go to the Keywords, you can insert them. This also happens in my other ad groups, look at supplements