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Adwords editor spell checker error with french accents

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Folowwing the instroductions from Google (from , I downloaded a French dictionary from[0]=field_project_tags%3A157.


But for some reason, the spell checker does not recognize the character encoding of the dictionary.


See the attached example of a word that is correctly written but, because the Editor does not recognize the accent, it shows the correct word as misspelled.


I have tried opening the dictionary files in Notepad and trying to change the encoding to UTF-8 (which I'm guessing is the Google standard) but the problem continues. It might be that I did not change the encoding at all with what I did on Notepad) .


Has anyone else found , or better, SOLVED this problem?





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Adwords editor spell checker error with french accents

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Google Employee

It's a bug in Editor. It reads .aff file looking for "SET <encoding>" directive, but (for reasons not quite clear yet) stops looking when it encounters a blank line; and then defaults to ISO-8859-1 encoding. The dictionary is properly encoded in UTF-8; it's Editor that fails to use the appropriate encoding.


We'll fix that in the upcoming release. Meanwhile, as a workaround, edit the .aff file and remove all blank lines that precede "SET UTF-8" directive, including those that are between comment lines (those starting with pound # sign).

Adwords editor spell checker error with french accents

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Igor: it worked!

Thank you very much!