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Adwords Scripts vs Adwords API - what's the difference?

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Hi Guys,


I learned that with Adwords Scripts (javascripts), you can do things like pause AND activate keywords based on inventory stored on a url or feed somewhere on your site.  You can use a "fetch app" to retrieve data that you host somewhere on an HTTP or HTTPS url and it can be password protected.  If this is true, I don't need to use the very cumbersome and complicated Adwords API which requires a lot of time and effort to actually get access to.  Furthermore, the actual application tools need to be built by a developer as the API just allows token access to Adwords.  


Does the Adwords Scripts work independently of the API?  I sure hope so.  I just need to pause and activate keywords based off inventory data and, if possible, I would like to dynamically insert pricing and inventory into ad copy in a similar fashion.  


If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.  

Re: Adwords Scripts vs Adwords API - what's the difference?

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Yes, AdWords Scripts is embedded right within the AdWords UI and is totally different from the API. Check out the developer site for more. You should totally be able to solve the situation you describe using AdWords Scripts.