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Adwords Scripts for Location Bid Adjustments

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Hey everyone!


I've been searching the interwebs far and wide for a script that adjusts Location bid adjustments and Mobile bid adjustments based on an ROAS that I set. I've found a few that work as a weighted average of the ad group but that isn't what I am looking for. Can anyone point me in the right direction and if one hasn't been developed (I don't want to re-invent the wheel), I'd like to try my hand at it. BUT... I really don't want to. 


Thanks everyone!


Re: Adwords Scripts for Location Bid Adjustments

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Hello Brennan.

You've failed to mention what it is you ARE looking for.

"I've found a few that work as a weighted average of the ad group"

Mobile bid modifiers are either on a campaign or an ad group level.

Location bid modifiers are on campaign level.
Both can be accessed to retrieve and set the modifiers with Adwords Scripts.
Some useful examples are here:

If you know your condition definition (by ROAS), you can use the appropriate methods for adjusting the bid modifiers, based on your condition (conversion value divided by cost for example).

So again, the question is what was it you were looking for?
For example, If you are looking on keyword level performance, and would like to set mobile bid modifier for one keyword, there is no such option, so the practical way to do that would be to have this one keyword alone in an ad group. In this case the ad group's stats are actually the keyword's stats, and you can refer to the ad group as a keyword with all available options in AdWordsApp.adGroups(), including the setMobileBidModifier(modifier) method.

Hope that helps in any way.