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Adwords Scripts Final URL

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I am traying to start scripting in adwords.

For my first script I just want to print on the log the final URL of my keywords.
Problem is, I have no idea how to get the data. I have seen a mothod called "getFinalUrl()" And I understand that is what I need to use, but I still don't know how.


Right now my code looks like this: 

function main () {

 var keywords = AdWordsApp.keywords()

while (keywords.hasNext()){
 var keywords =;
Logger.log(keywords.getText() + ": " + keyword.getFinalURL);

But I am getting as a result:

keyword1: undefined


Please, help me get started with this, I would apreciate it a lot.


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Adwords Scripts Final URL

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I did manage to do this, thank you anyway
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