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I have been using AdWords for almost 2 years, and now finally explore the AdWord's script. 


So initially I wanted to create an automation rule to check some keywords budget spend, for example, if keyword (or ads, similar concept) "car" spends $100 and don't generate any leads / conversations, I need AdWord to pause the keyword but enable it at 11:59 PM on same day. Therefore it requires AdWords to check the keyword cost from time to time. 


Unfortunately I can't achieve it through Automation Rules. I know a little bit programming, but haven't touched JavaScript yet.




1. Are there any easy ways to accomplish this?

2. What do I need to get this script start? 

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Hi @Joe R there's no easy way to teach you AdWords Scripts on this board, but luckily Google has lots of resources that should help.  You could start here:


which has some samples for working with Keywords, and should have enough details in those examples for you to get what you need.  Here's a couple of extra pointers though.  AdWords Scripts always need a main() function, but it's a good idea not to use that function for anything other than to call other functions that you write.  This allows you to build a easy to follow structure and also to have "useful" functions you can copy and paste and use in other scripts, rather than those bits being lost in a single large piece of code.  For example, if you wanted to run the getKeywordStats() function shown in the link above, I'd write it in a script as follows:

function main() {

function getKeywordStats() {
  //rest of code goes in here

The other trick is about timing.  The most frequent way to run Scripts is hourly, so you're effectively limited to running any script 24 times in a day.  However, the time that the script runs within that hour is the time at which that script is saved.  For example, right now it's 10:38BST, and if I were to save a script now and schedule it to run hourly, it'd run at 38 minutes past the hour each hour.  Knowing this means, with a bit of careful clicking, that you can get a script to run almost on the hour, or at 59 minutes, etc.


Hope this helps,






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Adwords Script Starter

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Hello John

How can I retrieve one specific keyword (like 'car parts') current spend/cost from specific ad group and campaign?