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Adwords Script For Budget Control

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Hi all,


I am looking for help actually, I am trying to create a script to pause my video campaign when it will reach a certain amount of budget (spend) otherwise I have to create multiple automated rules, which will run every hour.


Any ideas?



Re: Adwords Script For Budget Control

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Hello Eleftherios.

I'm not fully into what you're trying to achieve.
Are you asking on how to write a script programming-wise, or how to make a script run WHEN the desired budget is reached?


If it is how to write the script, you could check a campaign cost with a simple select from the reports, like:
and append a condition to match your campaign name (CampaignName) or campaign type (AdNetworkType1), such as:
Additional options are here:

If you are asking about how to make a script run at a specific condition, I think you can't do that with Adwords Scripts. Basically you can write a script and schedule it to run hourly, but then you get the same effect as an automated rule. So you get nothing out of that, unless someone else will correct me as to a hidden option to have a script running when a certain condition (such as budget reach) occurred on the account.

Re: Adwords Script For Budget Control

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An automated rule may be your safest bet. You can simply select the campaign you want the rule to apply to and pause campaign when budget >x. Maybe put X slightly bellow what you want the limit to be. Sadly, there are no hard limits unless you create a seperate account in pre-pay.


Here is a slightly aged scripted that you can look at:

you can also see if this fits your needs:


Past solution: