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Adwords High bids but lower quotes

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Hi, I run an adwords campaign for a small insurance broker.


We were getting around 62 to 72 clicks per day and quite a lot of business in the form of online quotes which our ads link to around October. However since then our online presence with adwords has dropped severely. I've been onto google and they suggest this is due to a low rating.


My campaign was rebuilt from scratch and I've done everything suggested to me. 10/10 on ad quality checks, exact match broad modifiers. However we were bidding 50c per keyword on say home insurance and appearing in the top three or four ads, getting quite a lot of traffic. This is not the case now since our business is dropping. We don't have the ad rating to appear on the front page any more and our Google strategist suggests raising our bids until our ratings go up.


This making some sense, since insurance is highly competitive market. However our bid is now €1:50 triple what our original budget was and we are receiving less traffic then we were previously, less each day. For house alone we are getting about 5 quotes whereas this used to be around 30 a day. Our daily budget is €25 which was raised from €12 as was suggested.


Does anyone have any advice or reasons as to why out ad-words may be suffering? Is there something I am over looking? Now they were inspected by our google analyst and he said that they should be performing quite well and every suggestion that has been said I have done quickly. I've added links to our ads, added extensions, I've designed mobile ads, I've added broad match modifiers, tightened the keywords per adword to 10 or 15 keywords per adgroup and made a good list of negative keywords when applicable and I also update the site regularly and post a daily blog for organic search purposes. 


I'm really at a loss for what to do and under quite a lot of pressure to get the adwords group back up, any suggestions would really be helpful and very much appreciated.  

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Re: Adwords High bids but lower quotes

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Well... It seems that you have done everything by the book in terms of campaign structure;


  • How is the CTR? This should be higher due top the high QS.
  • Have you looked at the "lost impression share" metrics to see how many impressions you lose due to budget and ranking?
  • Have you checked the auction insight report to see how you are doing relative to competitors?
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Re: Adwords High bids but lower quotes

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In addition to MosheTLV's really great suggestions, let me add that you should analyze your search terms report--for for the recent weeks and for the time period back when your account was producing better results for you.  You may see some patterns and trends in how users are searching that will give you ideas for new keywords (or see unwanted search terms that you want to block via negative keywords).



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