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Adwords Experiments and DoubleClick

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Hey everyone, 

I have a few more questions for you, this time it is about the "experiment" feature:
1) We are using DoubleClick to control our biddings, and it seems that DoubleClick doesn't do the same bid adjustments on an original campaign and related experiment at the same time. Is that correct, and if so, what can I do about this? Do I have to pause any third party bidding adjustment before I launch an experiment?
2) I have to report regularly on the performance of my campaigns, meaning that I regularly download reports from Adwords broken down by days. 
However, I have noticed that the experiments' metrics were not included in those downloaded reports, but instead, appeared as a "supplement" at the bottom of the tables, in the "Totals" rows. Is there a way to avoid that, and have the experiments' performances broken down day by day, like for the other campaigns?

Thanks a lot for your help, 

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Adwords Experiments and DoubleClick

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Hi Antoine


Hopefully these answers go some way to helping


1) Im guessing they are both in bid strategies? I believe DCS treats experiments as seperate campaigns when it comes to bidding, so will make different bids depending on the modelling it has available on that campaign. Its likely that your campaign has less historical data than the original campaign, which might explain why you're seeing different bid decisions

2) If you use DCS reports you can segment by day and download from there. Here the experiment is pulled out just like a 'normal' campaign. That might solve the problem



Adwords Experiments and DoubleClick

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That answers my questions.
Thank you Matt!