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Adwords Editor not working mac

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I am running El Capitan on Mac (10.11) I have the latest version of AdWords Editor (11.3.3)

when I launch the application I just get The Quit Unexpectedly error (image attached)


I have tried:

- uninstalling using clean my mac

- reinstalling the application

- rebooting my mac


No luck. desperate to get this working, please help!


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April 2016

Re: Adwords Editor not working mac

Google Employee
# 14
Google Employee
Please unshare your crash report. We have a copy.

It looks like you upgraded from

Was there any issue with that version?

It also appears that crashed trying to load account information, although from your previous description it appears you never got an account window.

One thing to try is deleting any database files created by the new version, as there may be corruption; upgrading to would require you to re-download accounts anyway.

You can do this going to ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Google-AdWords-Editor using the Finder's Go to Folder I described earlier, to open ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Google-AdWords-Editor and deleting the folder named 216.

Running the app again will the necessary files.

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Re: Adwords Editor not working mac

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how many accounts have you downloaded in the editor?


Re: Adwords Editor not working mac

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I haven't downloaded any,

I have uninstalled the application and all data, and reinstalled the application.

It won't even open. I can't even get to the accounts Smiley Sad



Re: Adwords Editor not working mac

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Hi Ricky,

Please try the following.

Ensure the application is closed.

From Finder, open ~/Library/Application Support/AdWords-Editor/Profiles

You can do this from the Go menu item "Go to Folder", or by pressing <shift>+<command>+G

Once the folder is open, you'll see another folder with an odd looking name, e.g. xxyyzzz.default.

Open this folder and look for a file named localstore.rdf. This file stores window positions, column selections, column widths, and saved searches.

If you delete this file the application will attempt to restore some set of sane defaults the next time you start it.

You will not lose any campaign data, although you will lose saved searches.

Start the application. The main window may not immediately come to the top. If it doesn't, and you see the complete menu bar, click the application icon in the dock. This should surface all windows.

Hope this helps!


Re: Adwords Editor not working mac

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Hi Ricky,

If the above solution works then well & good. Otherwise you can also try the another solution below.

1. Can you please uninstall virtual machine if you have installed it before? If you do not have Parallels Desktop for Mac installed on your Mac, search for .pvm file in/Users/username/Documents/Parallels/, /Users/Shared/Parallels/ or /Users/username/Library/Parallels, and move it to Trash. You may use Spotlight to find the virtual machine. Type ".pvm" in the Spotlight search bar to locate the Parallels Virtual Machine on your Mac.

2. Then, Empty the Trash > Reboot the Mac

3. Run this command in the terminal:
sudo pkgutil --forget

4. Uninstall Editor by following instructions in this article ( Please note that you must manually remove two relevant folders to fully uninstall it.

5. Empty trash

6. Install the latest version Editor, installer can be found here ( Please be sure you already completed all steps above:
Uninstalled Parallels Desktop for Mac > uninstall virtual machine > empty trash and reboot their Mac > run the command above to remove database folder > uninstall AWE > empty trash

All the best! (Now you can get back to creating and managing some kick-**bleep** campaigns!)

Re: Adwords Editor not working mac

Google Employee
# 6
Google Employee
The oddly named profiles folder referred to is for the pre 11.0 version of Editor, and isn't used by v 11 variants.

The pkgutil command also no longer applies to the drag-installer used by Editor 11.

Did this problem manifest following upgrade from 11.3.2, or is this a first-use issue? My guess would be the latter.

The new Editor keeps all data in numbered folders rooted at "~/Library/Application Support/Google/Google-AdWords-Editor". The number represents the data version, which is tied to the application version.

If the aforementioned root folder doesn't exist, then this most likely is your first use, or the app didn't get very far before crashing.

Application versions are stored in "/Applications/Google AdWords AdWords", where. X.Y.Z is a version number.

One thing you can try is navigating to the app bundle in one of the version folders, and see if it runs from there.

If the app still crashes, you should see AdWordsEditor crash logs in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/.

You can send the crash report to

Re: Adwords Editor not working mac

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭
This didn't work for me, I couldn't find the folder you referred to.

Re: Adwords Editor not working mac

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# 8
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I have never had parallels installed. But ran the sudo command but just got this response "No receipt for '' found at '/'."

Re: Adwords Editor not working mac

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I found this using the filepath you gave, however it still crashed without even launching Smiley Sad I also couldn't find 'DiagnosticReports' in ~Library/Logs

Re: Adwords Editor not working mac

Google Employee
# 10
Google Employee
Something isn't adding up.

If there's a crash, there should be something in ~/Library/Logs or ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports. If DiagnosticReports doesn't exist as a child of Logs, then you can use the Finder's search window to search for AdWords (make sure to click the "Logs" search chip to avoid searching all files).

Can you confirm the existence of ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Google-AdWords-Editor

The best way to do this is from Finder's Go menu, picking Go To Folder (or keys <Shift>+<Command>+G>.

If this folder doesn't exist then there's something amiss environmentally, as it's created on startup.

Is there anything unusual about your setup, like user-folders on a network drive?

Is the application bundle correctly installed? You should have the following:

/Applications/Google AdWords AdWords

Another file to check for is ~/Library/Preferences/

If this file exists, you can enter the following at a terminal window:

defaults read

the result should look like:

currentAppPath = "/Applications/Google AdWords AdWords AdWords Editor";
currentDbVersion = 216;

If the file doesn't exist, or you don't see the aforementioned, this also signals an environmental issue, especially since we are not seeing other reports of Editor crashing on startup.