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Adwords Editor 11 upgrade problems

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I went to do some work in the editor this evening and got a message that my 10.6 is obsolete. Grrr. So I download 11 and run the install and the only options the install gives me are repair and uninstall. I go to help and it says that this message is because I am trying to install the same version again. So I download again (2) and make sure I am running what I just downloaded. Same problem.


Since adwords support sucks outside of business hours (it's 11:30 pm CST) my choices are to try the repair and hope it doesn't screw things up in some other unforeseen way, or run the real uninstall via windows which seems like a safer choice. Since my 10.6 had it's balls cut off, it's no longer going to be something I can fall back on if the new install of 11 has problems.


I didn't ask for this upgrade and so far I think life would continue to be enjoyable without the changes proposed. I wish someone would make Google understand that they are making tools, NOT commercial software where people expect more bells and emojis. Most of us just want to get our work done, and by forcing us to upgrade and go through make-work upgrades to keep programmers busy, you drive us crazy. Make the upgrades backwards compatible and optional so I can upgrade when I want or need to, not because you have hoops and want to see us jump through them...!


I can't wait for your replies, but maybe they will help someone else who is pulling out their hair or currently cutting themselves. I'm going to try the program manager uninstall and then the install for 11. I really hope I don't have to come back and post again and more problems.


[Update: I did have two versions of the editor installed, not sure what the second one was. Maybe I had installed v.11 since I see it has been out for a while. But if that's true, the install did not replace my 10.6 which I had been using as I would expect. It's a flawed, non-standard process from what I can tell, but I seemed to have recovered from it with only and hour and a half of my time wasted. That time will increase as I try to understand how the new UI is different from the old one. Just imagine if you had to use a hammer or a microwave differently every year or two...]

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Re: Adwords Editor 11 upgrade problems

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Good morning.


#1 - The original installation of the 11+ Editor did not  overwrite the 10+ versions. That was because the team was giving Editor power users time to transition and learn the  new program. It also gave users a fallback, in case problems developed with the new program.


#2 - Changes were not made to keep programmers busy. Smiley Happy  The significant changes were the direct result of requests by large numbers of Editor users. Many new AdWords functions were not supported in the "old version" of the program. Adding these highly requested features required a significant overhaul of the entire program.


#3 - Because the functionality changed so significantly, and because Google should not have to maintain two versions of the program, it was necessary to mothball all previous versions of Editor. Incompatibility with things like the "final URL" feature would rapidly have made the program all-but unusable anyhow.


Let me add that I'm usually the first to whine about "unnecessary changes" (where "unnecessary" is defined as "something I don't care about").


Also, I'm not entirely in love with the new Editor and even today have been moaning and complaining about losing the older, simpler interface that seemed to be so much easier to use for some tasks. The virtue of the program, in my eyes, was that it made a lot of bulk tasks quick and easy. However, I've been using the new Editor off-and-on for a couple of months and am gradually getting used to it. I'm not yet finding it as intuitive as the older program but now that I have to rely on it completely, I'm sure I'll get the remaining functionality figured out quickly.


I guess what I'm saying here is that I understand and sympathize with your feelings. It does seem a shame to lose the quick and easy interface we're all used to and it's certainly slowing me down at the moment. However, I know that Google made these changes in response to a lot of advertiser requests and so that the offline program offered access to at least some of the new AdWords features that the online UI offers these days.



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