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Adwords API - few questions

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Hello everybody.


First of all - Yes I know there is a forum specifically for API questions:!forum/adwords-api


But for some reason - I don't have "Post a question" button there, when I'm logged into my Google account :/ (am I missing something, and that group, requires me to do something besides joining? If so please tell me).


Now the situation - my company want's me to create a tool to get keyword suggestions directly from Google Keyword Tool, everything would happen inside code, and not the browser. First question here - some say that Google will not allow this - is this true? If so - could you please explain why?


In order to create the above tool, I tried signing up for AdWords API, by following this steps:


However - Step 2 says: "You can sign up for the AdWords API when logged into your MCC account. Navigate to My Account -> AdWords API Center", but I don't have AdWords API Center Tab inside My Account tab! I only see "Account access", "Linked accounts","Notification settings" and "Preferences". So why is that? Was signing for AdWords API disabled recently?


Thanks in advance for the answers.


Best regards.




Sorry for my English ;]

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Re: Adwords API - few questions

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  • Your 1st question Smiley Happy i dont know why you cant see post question button on API forum Smiley Sad sorry
  • Your 2nd question i have used TargetingIdeaService in the past to build similar tools which generates keyword ideas depending on your selectors
  • Are you sure you are logged in via MCC and not normal adwords account?

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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Re: Adwords API - few questions

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Thanks for the answers and wsdl link.


"Are you sure you are logged in via MCC and not normal adwords account?"

Umm to be honest I was indeed logged into adwords account - after I created fresh email and signed to MCC I noticed that it is different from what it was before... sorry for the confusion. Now I'm waiting for my test account...



Re: Adwords API - few questions

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@Jan K;

Like any other Google support forum, you need to register in order to post. The API forum is based on a Google groups platform. So, you need to link "Google groups" to your Google account.

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