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Adwords API - Create Ad with feed dynamic URL

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Hi Team,


I'm developing an app for my company to improve the exhibition of ads based on my Google Shopping XML Feed.


We are already creating campaign, adgroup, keywords, bid strategies, importing data from XML feed and creating Ads.


The limitation we are having is that we cannot have a dynamic URL on the FinalURL field, this way instead of having one ad for the 1000 products, we would need to have 1000 ads, as we cannot use the dynamic flags.

This limitation is described here:

    You can put strings, prices, numbers, and even a countdown to a specific date/time in your ad. Replacements can occur in ad titles and description lines, but you cannot perform replacements using this feature on the display or final URLs.


This is how it would be the ideal to create an Ad with the API

$textAd1 = new TextAd();
$textAd1->headline = sprintf('{=%s.Name}', $feedName);
$textAd1->description1 = sprintf('This is our best offer of {=%s.Preco} now!', $feedName);
$textAd1->description2 = sprintf('Run as this is ending soon!',
$textAd1->finalUrls = sprintf('%s{=%s.Url}', $website, $feedName);
$textAd1->displayUrl = $website;


Where $feedName is the feed from Google checkout.


One way which I think I could solve this is use the trackingTemplates and develop a system to map the destination URLs, but still it would mean a huge effort.


For those who ended up having this issue, do you foresee a solution for this?


Thanks and Regards,


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Re: Adwords API - Create Ad with feed dynamic URL

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Good afternoon.


I just wanted to suggest that you might get more helpful answers if you post your question to the AdWords API help forum.

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