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Advanced Remarketing Strategy

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Hello all,



I have a question regarding remarketing. I would like to know if it is possible to set up a remarketing campaign that targets past customers and some best practise advice.


What I want to achieve is the following. Say a customer buys a phone in my e-store. Then, about two years later (an estimate) that same person is looking for a new model because the current one is dated. So I would like to use the sales data in combination with some contact details to set up a campaign to target this person once more.


My aim is to target them through website/mobile ads, not email.


Any comments are appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Advanced Remarketing Strategy

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Hi @Jeffrey L if you want to use Ads to remarket, you're not going to be able to use contact data since AdWords remarketing doesn't allow targets to be individually identifiable, but I don't think this is a problem, given what you want to achieve.


To do what you want is relatively simple and will involve two Audience lists combined using a Custom Combination to create the list you'll actually use.  Both lists will be formed from your buyers, but one list will have a shorter duration than the other.  When combined in the correct way, you'll end up with a custom list that consists of buyers, but which will only show them Ads if they have not bought within the last N days.


Unfortunately, "N" is a problem for your exact requirement.  At the moment the maximum duration for a list is 540 days (~ 18 months) and since you need the "hasn't bought recently" list to be shorter than this, you'll have to start your remarketing quite a bit earlier than 2 years.  If, for example, you set one list to 540 days and the other to 480, you'd start remarketing to these people after only 15.8 months, and your Ads could show to these people for around 2 months.


Further bad news is that it's quite likely you won't be able to start this remarketing until the end of 2016 since audience lists can't be built retrospectively.  You may already have a "buyers" list, in which case you'll be able to start a couple of months earlier, perhaps, but it'll still be mid-2016 before you have members of both lists that are more than 480 days old or so.



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Re: Advanced Remarketing Strategy

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Hello, Jeffrey.

The first issue is that the longest period a cookie can stay active for is 540 days.

So if the target is two years for you (understandably, as this is when mobile plans expire, usually and people look for new phones) you'll have to do something to bring them back to your site a little sooner. At least once, after more than 180 days. If you can do that, you'll have them cookied for 540 days more, thus reaching your two years target.

As for contact details, you cannot use them for remarketing. All you can use is a cookie and hope they don't delete it or buy a new computer in the meantime.

My advice is to try and devise a strategy that would bring them back more often, even if not for purchasing.

Since you've mentioned both mobile & website (presumably the non-mobile optimized version of your website) you'll have to find a way to link these two, because if the purchase happened on mobile, you'll be able to retarget on mobile only. That's because, in fact, you're targeting a specific browser on a specific device, through its cookie, not the person who bought on your website.

If it's the person you want to target, you need e-mail. Or maybe Facebook, through the use of e-mail, again (custom audiences, if I'm not mistaken).

Hope it helps.
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Re: Advanced Remarketing Strategy

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Besides the 540 days limit, I'd say that a limit would be that after a while many cookies go "stale" (users clear their cookies, reinstall their machine/browser, change browser, etc...)

If users come back to your site and are signed-in, you could detect users who are up for renewal soon and pass that as a custom parameter (e.g. "renew=true") and then build a rule-based list and target it.