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HI, I have a few questions:

1) I recently set up mobile ads after creating a mobile website in addition to my regular website and now it seems that only the mobile ads are showing impressions.   What is going on?

2) Over a year ago when I first set up ads for my regular website, one campaign was far out-performing the other and now it has reversed. Don't know why.

3) When someone clicks on an ad does it automatically take them to my website?  This is my understanding.  If this is correct why isn't my Google analytics reflecting this? It seems that analytics is showing far fewer visits than what is actually happening. I am thinking that I have set up my analytics incorrectly, which is very possible.

4) Also, I am not sure if I have set up the analytics for my mobile website correctly.  I also need help "reading" the results.  I may have to contact The Google Analytics folks to get answers to this, but maybe one of you guys may know.  THANKS.

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Hi Claudia, 


Thanks for posting, lots of questions there! I'll try and give a hand though.


1. If you're running an enhanced campaign, it might be that your ads are mobile preferred which would mean they only show on mobile phones. I'd check your ad to see whether this is the case. Do this by hovering over the ad and then clicking on the pencil icon. 


2. The performance of your campaigns are likely to vary over time. To see why this might have happened, I'd recommend taking a look at metrics like your CTR and Quality Score. If either of these two have changed this might have caused a change in your ads' performance.


3. Yes, when someone clicks on your ads, they go directly to your website. Your visits and clicks are different metrics and measure different activity, so these numbers are unlikely to be the same. This link here explains this in more depth.


4. If you're not sure whether your Analytics is set up correctly, this link here will help you verify this and double check. 


Hope this helps!



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Thanks very much. This was very helpful.