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Ads still showing for Paused Campaign Weeks Later

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Hi there,


This is an issue I've never run into before. Ad's from a Paused campaign are still being served weeks after that campaign was paused.



1. Paused campaign in adwords

2. 2 weeks go by

3. It was brought to my attention the ad is still showing from a search performed today.


The utm_campaign paramter on the example ad I was sent, matches the campaign that has been paused for 2 weeks now.


Anyone run into this before? I'm really not sure how to address this one...

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Re: Ads still showing for Paused Campaign Weeks Later

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Never seen this before when it is actually true.. ( meaning ads showing and you verify it yourself via live Ad Preview).

Since we can't see any details of your account, it is best that you call the Google Customer Support Number and let them review the account with you. You will need to provide your Adwords Customer ID number and login passwords which is located at the top right hand corner when you login to your adwords account

You can find the contact number at the top right of your account via the Gear Box
( or if in USA
Call us at: +1-866-246-6453
9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday

Or outside of usa

Re: Ads still showing for Paused Campaign Weeks Later

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Thanks Eric, and it turns out you're correct. This "mystery" still seems to not actually exist!

After speaking directly with the user that reported this, my hunch is that the browser loaded a cached copy of their browser's default page which contained the ad.

What tipped me off is that when they clicked the ad, it went to an error page instead of resolving. The link still resolved on my computer. That made me realize an internet connection likely wasn't established, so the browser reverted to a cached version of the page, containing the old ad. The user hasn't been able to reproduce the ad since, so I'm fairly confident in my hunch.

I hope this is helpful to someone else that may get caught up in something like this and start doubting their sanity like I did!

Re: Ads still showing for Paused Campaign Weeks Later

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When you've been doing Adwords for any length of time sanity is in short supply.... ;-)

It's so easy for these things to catch us out and it's always a great reminder to us all to clear the cache!

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