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Ads "not showing" but still getting impressions and clicks

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Some of my bids are lower and it says they aren't showing... but I'm still getting impressions and clicks. 


I'm running a national campaign, so does this mean that if one region somewhere in the US is more expensive (not on first page) then is that I reason I will get that error code?


My average position is around 4-5ish. 



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Re: Ads "not showing" but still getting impressions and clic

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It could be due to many reasons:


There is a possibility that currently some of your keywords are not triggering ads (may be due to one reason or another), but in the past they might have accrued some data and the stats would have updated later when you checked. You can read more on Data freshness here:


Also, are you running Search network only campaign or is it a combined campaign (Search plus Display)?

If it's a combined campaign, there might be a possibility that on Display network your ads might have been running and accruing data.


Also there are chances that if some of your keywords have lower bids, then the ad might have been triggering from some other keyword with higher bid and high ad rank and data would have been accumulating.


My Thoughts!


Re: Ads "not showing" but still getting impressions and clic

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Pankaj has given you a great answer and answered many of the possibilities there, but there is one other that I can think of off-hand.

I am assuming "some of my bids are lower and they aren't showing" is referring to a "below first page bid". This keyword status is fluid in some sense, in that the majority of competitors may have their ads on an ad schedule (for profitability reasons) and thus for a few hours a day a large chunk of the competition may not be bidding on that key word. So while your keyword is below first page bid, there are a few hours each day when your bid is sufficient to make it on to the first page results.

Re: Ads "not showing" but still getting impressions and clic

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Hi Chris S,

Most often, you get this message when you have the same keyword in multiple match types. Let's say you have blue widgets as a keyword in broad, phrase and exact match. The bubble tool only uses the exact match phrase, so the broad match will usually say ads aren't showing because the exact match is getting the impression.

Run a search terms report on the broad, BMM and phrase match to see what you are actually getting impressions for.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords