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Ads not appearing for my client

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I am having an issue with a client campaign that we are managing. The campaign is active, receiving impressions and getting clicks. It is not performing as well as we would like at this point, but we expected that we would need to make refinements.


The issue I'm having is that whenever the client does a search, he does not see his ads.


The ads are location based. Our office is in the targeted region, so I see the ads when I do a search. I also see the ads appearing when I use AdWords Preview, with a variety of locations, including the region where the client is located.


The client sent me screenshots of his search results, and the strange thing about them is that he does not appear to be getting ANY ads. So it's not as if someone appears to be outbidding him or have a higher Quality Score. The ads simply are not appearing. I did find an article from Google Help, that stated:


"Too many searches: If you repeatedly search for your own business on Google but you don't click your ad, you may stop seeing the ad after a while. That's because Google's system recognizes your computer and stops showing ads that it thinks you aren't interested in."


This article was specifically about the AdWords Express product, but I cannot help but wonder if the same issue applies to regular AdWords, and if this might be the issue that my client is facing-- that he simply searched for his keywords too many times and, given then he never clicked any ads, Google just gave up and stopped serving ads on those searches...


Any thoughts or help is greatly appreciated.



Re: Ads not appearing for my client

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The same things apply to Adwords.

You can read these other posts an text about this subject :

A lot of people have the same problem.

I hope this helps you

** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.

Re: Ads not appearing for my client

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Hi there,

This is something that we get asked a lot by our clients. They always want to see their own ads and don't realise that by doing it they are affecting the accounts' stats.

I posted a blog post about it today. Covers 3 possible reasons. I would suggest telling your client to use the ad preview tool as each time they make a search they're impacting the CTR of the account.

Here's the link to the blog post if you're interested.

Hope it helps!