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Ads are NOT being rotated

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Why does Google lie to me??


I have a campaign set to rotate ads evenly with no optimisation. However, this is not happening - and the help line maintains that the 'system' optimises ads regardless of the setting I choose!!


For example, in an ad-group with 10 ads 1 has been served 41% of the time ... others have never been served ... others are served 2% - 3%. 


The help desk told me this is a result of 'optimisation' - even though it would be impossible to 'optimise' when some ads have NEVER been shown. 


I want my 10 ads to show evenly so that I can make decisions about what copy works and what copy doesn't (it is, after all, my money that is being spent). Discussions I have read here say that is possible - but Google is not allowing it. 








(PS. This is a new campaign which has only ever had the 'rotate evenly' setting). 

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September 2015

Re: Ads are NOT being rotated

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Hi AdMan,


One thing to check is what your current campaign setting are. Under Ad delivery, Ad rotation, frequency capping you can change your ad rotation settings.


These were changed a few times in recent months and you now have 4 options.


optimize for clicks

optimize for conversions

rotate evenly (90 days then switches to optimize)

rotate indefinitely


Campaigns that were in the past set to rotate evenly were automatically switched over to optimize after 90 days.


It might be worth changing your settings to rotate indefinitely to see if this helps getting more even impressions across all your ads.


Or, have you already tried this?