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Ads appears in excluded areas?

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Can Adwords tell me where the ads appears? Analytics can, but I cannot find a geographical / paid search relevation in Analytics. If all those 100% bounce-rated keywords only come from the targeted locations, it is my fault, but if they come from outside the targeted areas or from the excluded locations, I am paying for nothing. 


I have thousands of visits from USA with 100% bounce rate on a Norwegian language site. Scary, if those visits comes from ads.

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Re: Ads appears in excluded areas?

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Hi Lars,
Yes, you can see where your Ads are coming from under the Dimensions tab.
1. Log into AdWords
2. Click on the Dimensions tab
3. Click on Geographic (in the drop down menu, were it says "View," right under the main Campaigns tab)

Finding Geographic AdWords -

You should not see traffic coming from Excluded areas, but if you, I suggest re-reviewing your geographic settings, just to ensure that you're targeting your most targeted areas -
Exclude Ads from Geographic Areas -

Re: Ads appears in excluded areas?

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Hello Lars H,


In Analytics you can view Aquisition / All Traffic and select "Secondary Dimension = Visitor / City " or select

Aquisition/ Campaigns and then "Secondary Dimension = Visitor / Region ". 


Also from AdWords you can click the "Dimensions" Tab at the campaign level and select from the drop down menu the option "User locations" and add the custom column "City"



Re: Ads appears in excluded areas?

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H Lars,

Are you also targeting the Norwegian language in your campaign? If not, you might consider it. That would prevent showing your ad to anyone whose language setting is not Norwegian.

In the geo-targeting, did you select "included search intent" or "only people within my target area"? Your campaign might do better with the latter, but I don't know enough about your campaign to make that suggestion.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords