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Adgroups integration

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Hi There,


I was trying to combine two adgroups in one , So when I opened one of the adgroup to copy its ads in the other adgroups I have selected all the ads then clicked on copy to.. After that I got a message called: (Copy is not supported for one or more of the selected ads).  So can anyone clarify this for me?




Re: Adgroups integration

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Hi Mahmoud,


As per my knowlege I guess you are trying to copy the Ads in Adwords Online Interface hence you are getting a message saying (Copy is not supported for one or more of the selected ads).


If you want to copy your Ads in bulk from one Adgroup to another Adgroup i would suggest you to use Adwords Editor.


In case if you dont know about Adwords Editor please refer to this link.

also refer this help link


Hope this Helps!



Azeem Shaikh

Azeem Shaikh
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