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Adding conversion code to ThankYou page adds 1/4" White Header

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In my html landing page and thank you page (not in a CMS) I've added the Google tracking code and it's tracking.


But when I add the conversion code (from google adwords) to the body of the ThankYou page, when the ThankYou page renders I get a 1/4 inch white header which doesn't visually blend with my ThankYou page's blue background.


Any help appreciated.





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Re: Adding conversion code to ThankYou page adds 1/4" White Heade

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Hello New user ! Welcome to the AdWords Community !


I viewed your page and I have used a simple method to search your conversion code from this help page :


Just quoting :



  1. Go to your website and visit your conversion confirmation page. That's the page customers see after they've completed a conversion -- say, a "thank you" page after they make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter.
  2. Check the source code for your webpage. For Chrome, click View, then click Developer, then View Source. You can also right-click your mouse and select View Page Source. Steps will be different in other browsers
  3. Now look for the conversion code. If the code was successfully placed, you'll see a comment tag that looks like this: <! -- Google Code for {Action name} Conversion Page -->. The {Action name} should be the one you entered earlier in the field "Action name."
  4. If the code isn't on your page, you or whoever maintains your website will need to go through the conversion tracking sign-up process and add the code."


Now , I didn't find the conversion code in the source page for your main index page. Did you place it on another page ? If so , what is the link ?


Could you copy-paste here the code that you used for conversion ? ( I ask this because you could be using Google Analytics Goal tracking codes, which are very simmilar )


Could you indicate exactly where is the 1/4 inch white header that bothers you , with a printscreen of that design zone ?


Re: Adding conversion code to ThankYou page adds 1/4" White Heade

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In addition to Adrian' answer check the instructions on this link explaining how to install the conversion code;

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