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Added and excluded keywords

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I have recently a number of keywords as negative keywords, however upon recent review I have decided to re-add a few of them as key words. Now against that keyword it states Added and Excluded as apposed to just added.


Will this impact on my keywords with it stating Added and Excluded?




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September 2015

Re: Added and excluded keywords

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Yes, you'll need to remove the negatives or else your ads won't show for those keywords.


Re: Added and excluded keywords

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Heres more information on removing negatives, in case you need it Smiley Happy

Re: Added and excluded keywords

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Hello Saf,

If they keyword is still in the negative keywords list, regardless of whether you have added it back as a keywords it will not show-up. that's why it stated "Added and Excluded" (Added keyword but also Excluded)

Like Amy said, you will 1st need to remove those keywords from negative keywords list for it to work again.

Re: Added and excluded keywords

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Hi Saf,

The reason your keywords are showing the status 'Added & Removed' is because as it clearly says, you have added the keywords to your targeting and removed (added as negative) them as well. Its an status that will show up for every keyword that falls under this category.

If you have removed (deleted) the keywords from your list of negative keywords, then you wont face any issues but if you have not, you need to delete these negative keywords permanently so as to avoid your ads from not serving.

Even after you have deleted the said keywords from you list of negatives, the status for the keywords will still say 'Added & Removed'. There is no need for panic as it will not affect your ads from serving in any way.

Hope this helps.


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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