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AdWords>Website>Checkout>Amazon. And Tracking lost :-(

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Hi Everyone,

I have two accounts where my clients have their website and are using Amazon as the checkout place and to dispatch their products.
As it's their products, they're not affiliates.

They want to run an AdWords campaign and I'm concern with the lost of the tracking as - I think that - I won't have much information of what has converted as a source (I've never managed an Amazon reseller account).

I know that I can't expect for obvious reasons to ask Amazon to insert my tag.  Is there a way to have some information to know what is the source of a purchase. Does Amazon offer a solution?

The only alternate I found (not great, but better than nothing), is to track the checkout process (the website is hosted/made with Shopify).
I create an event on Analytics to track every time someone click on the "check out with Amazon" button and convert it after as a Goal.

What are your thoughts?

Best Regards

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AdWords>Website>Checkout>Amazon. And Tracking lost :-(

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Hi @AdOnline,


Unfortunately, you won't be able to insert the Google Analytics code I am afraid. Unless you get some permission, but that's beyond the scope of this community. Whether or not Amazon offers a solution is also off topic here. My best guess is they don't, based on their attitude to Google and PPC in the past 10 years.


Bottom line is that even though you insist your clients are not affiliates chances are you'll have to face the very same issues as they do.