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AdWords Radius Targeting

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I have a question about radius targeting stats.
I have set campaign to target ppl in London and ppl 20 mi around London.
From what I can see I have more engagement from the "20mi around London" than from ppl from London. Question is: Does one include other? More precisely, in this case, is "20mi around London" including stats from London itself( or it is separated)?

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November 2016

Re: AdWords Radius Targeting

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Hi @Isidora P good question!  The two separate targets are exclusive, in other words, the people in the "around London" location are separate from the people "in London".


When you have multiple overlapping targets, AdWords will assign the click to the most restrictive target that suits the apparent location of the person clicking the Ad.  So, if I appeared to be in Westminster when I clicked your Ad, I'd be assigned to the "in London" target, even though the radius target also covers that area.



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Re: AdWords Radius Targeting

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Hi @Isidora P,


20mi around London will cover London as well.


Hope this screenshot will clarify all you doubt.


radius targeting.jpg



Area highlighted in Red is also covering London if you add  "20mi around London".

But you can custom select to add/exclude the specific area in the list highlighted in Orange.


Every time you click an area it will be highlighted in map what is covering and what not.

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AdWords Radius Targeting

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Hey Isidora!


If you look in AdWords Dimensions, you can select a geographic breakdown to see exactly (or just vaguely) where you're getting impressions and clicks. This'll help you see how successful your 20mil rule is for your account performance.