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AdWords AdGroup and Sitelink Relationship mapper feature

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Dear AdWords-Team, 


afaik you can only add 20 sitelinks per adgroups, correct? When creating campaigns with many adgroups programmatically, I would need to identify the 20 closest relatives to an adgroup and create these sitelinks per adgroup. With tightly knit adgroups that are closely related, this results in a lot of duplication where one sitelink potentially in 10s of adgroups, causing huge accounts and longer upload/download times. 


Have you ever thought about a mapping service like labels, where you would simply assign a sitelink to an adgroup instead of tightly coupling it? Just like labels, a sitelink would be an entity not strictly bound to an adgroup but loosely coupled in an n-n relationship. 


A dream come true would be AdWords assisting in relationship mapping by using your topic modelling intelligence to make suggestions.


Thanks for feedback!

Christopher from Munich

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December 2016

AdWords AdGroup and Sitelink Relationship mapper feature

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Sorry for the unnecessary question, sitelink feeds are the answer of course. 


A relationship mapping suggestion engine would still be a nice feature: "this adgroup has no specific sitelinks. What about these?"