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AdCustomize If Condition

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Hi Guys,


i have a question about AdCustomize.


I know that know it's available the IF CONDITION and i'm trying to implement it with my audience segmentation.


This is the peace of code that i put on my Ads:

{=IF(audience IN(Elenco principale),Text1):Text2}


Elenco principale is the name of my audience.


Could you please help me to understand why this type of implementation doesn't work?



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AdCustomize If Condition

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Hi giacomo m,

I'm just going to make a guess here, the name of your audience should be enclosed in quotes:

{=IF(audience IN("Elenco principale"),Text1):Text2}


Text1 and Text2 must be assigned values before this. I could be wrong, examples I was able to find did not have quotes around the audience name, even when the name includes embedded spaces.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

AdCustomize If Condition

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Thanks Pete,


have you never try this new future?


I try to put " " between the name of audience but dosn't work.



{=IF(audience IN("Elenco principale"),Welcome Returning User):Welcome New User}


This is my example: the idea is to serve a different ads based on audience (Elenco Principale is my All visitors audience). If the user isn't on All visitors audience i want to serve another ad ( Welcome New user)