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Ad won't run

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I have been running an ad for 25 days, in 25 different countries. I made a change to the country list so that it would only run in the United States. When I made the change and everything got re-approved, the ad never started to run. So I thought maybe it was because my CPC was going to cost more because of the United States (But still using the same keywords as before when it was running with a CTR of 1.60%) so I increased the CPC bid to what google recommended, and now most of my keywords show "eligible" with a rating of 7/10, but ad still not running. Have money in account, no end date set, have I missed something else?

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Re: Ad won't run

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Google Employee

Hi David,


This is a great question. Your ads my not be running because of your Quality Score and Ad rank. Ads are positioned on search pages based on their Ad Rank, and the ad with the highest Ad Rank appears in the first position. A low Ad Rank will prevent your ad from appearing. Since you are targeting only people in the United States, you may have increased competition. Also, you may have a low quality score due to the fact that you have only been running your ad for 25 days. 


Here are the things, in my opinion, to do first:

  1. Make sure that you understand and check your quality score
  2. Consider changing your Keywords. You can use the Keyword planner  to find other Keywords that will trigger your ad. 
  3. Here are also some ways to improve your ad quality

This is a great discussion question if some of our TCs and RSs want to jump in. 


Re: Ad won't run

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Thank you for your Reply:

There sure is a lot to learn about running an "Adwords Ad".

It's just hard to understand that in 25 days I had 1461 Clicks 70,000
impressions from 25 countries (United States included).

Now it's just the United States, same keywords, same quality score, more
than "doubled my CPC bid, and now I have 0 impressions, so needless to say
0 clicks. Just seems funny to me.

I have ask for help from "Google support" but no response yet.