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Ad is loading display URL instead of Destination URL??

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Just started a new campaign targeting landing pages for a specific city. The landing page url is something like and I set the display URL to When testing the ad in Ad Preview and Diagnosis, it works just fine. However, when I tested the ad "in the wild" it attempt to load the display URL for some reason, which returns a 404 error.


I know for a fact that the destination URL is set correctly; just triple-checked it. There's only one ad running for these keywords so it can't possibly be another ad. I set my search location to the targeted area in Google settings to recreate what a real user might type, and I clicked directly on the ad headline. How on earth could it have attempted to load the display URL??? This is very aggravating and potentially very costly.

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September 2015

Re: Ad is loading display URL instead of Destination URL??

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It never loads and never happens. It could be your mistake. For one last time, Click on Edit for your ad. Now paste your Destination URL and Display URL here.

From Ad Preview and Diagnosis, you can only check whether your Ad is displaying for the specific Keyword. You will not be able to click on your Ads displayed in Ad Preview and Diagnosis.

If you want to test the Ads from your Campaign, go to Ads Tab and click on the Headline and it will take you to your Destination URL and you will be able to see if it goes to proper URL.