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Ad groups no ads

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I'm new to this, and campain management seems to be unnecessarily complicated. All that I wanted to do was to promote a youtube video. So that when someone types a few relevant words my video would head the list on youtube, I wanted to be TOP of the list and be noticed.

Now I have put in some keywords and they all have my video url in the AdGroup but still nothing is happening, but I notice that it says "Add Groups with no ads"

"Some of your ad groups contain targeting (such as keywords) but no enabled ads. Create ads in these ad groups"

What on earth does that mean it is english but it dosen't seem to mean anything.  All I want is my video on the left hand side of youtube not a "Text, Image, Display Builder or Third Party" and infact what on earth are they?  Please tell me what I am doing wrong and how to promote my video.


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Re: Ad groups no ads

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Hi Allan,


I don't do any YouTube video promotions, so I can't give you much support on that. Video promotions are a little from a regular campaign. This page should get you on the right track:


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Ad groups no ads

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I think that I have sorted out the problem. Right in the bottom left ot the campaigns page, in the furthest reaches, just beyond where my screen ends there is a secret.  It says "All video campaigns" If you click there, then and only then it is possible to promote a video on YouTube.

You have to target countries, language, audience, words and perhaps even your favourite grandmother. Then if you wait for a few days to be approved, if they like you and your MONEY then I am hoping with my fingers crossed that I may (if allowed) promote my video.

Don't forget that button in the bottom corner is a SECRET -----DO NOT TELL ANYONE-----Smiley Very Happy

I found out how to do this by watching a YouTube video.Smiley Very Happy

If you do want to see what I was up to the link is below. It is just an expresion of how much the local government like us


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