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Ad customizer from Enhanced eCommerce or FB XML?

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Hi, everyone!


I hope that you are all enjoying your time and ready for weekend. 


Maybe I'm over-complicating things since I'm without programmatic background - in that case I will be happy to hear how to do things more efficiently


Challenge:  I want to use ad customizers for an ecommerce client. For me it is important that displayed data (sale price, stock, etc) is semi real time. As far as I got with other clients, I understood that the most popular way is to upload these data from spreadsheet in business attributes and can be updated max one a hour (it is ok for me) - at least it is the standard way. However, the problem starts when preparing this feed. Similary as for Facebook it is as URL. When we tried to export it in spreadsheet, we came to Google Docs technical limitations - we have too many positions and quickly we've run in cell limitations. Dead-end, at least it seems to me that way. Of course, option would be to divide feeds etc, but this would take too much of the resource and not sure if the result would pay off. After some time in internet, I understood that there is an option to do this through Adwords Scripts. Thus, before going to my scriptist that is already overloaded with other tasks, I would like to ask your opinion:


Does anyone have experience with Ad Customizers in combination with spreadsheet limitations? Do you see that I could do something differently?

Has anyone used feed for Facebook or other channel in order to fulfill Adwords needs?

Has anyone used Enhanced Ecommerce information SKU, prices, already bought quantity (exported to sheets most likely, but if done at category not product level, it could be some kind of compromise)

Any other thoughts? 


Thanks for your time and have a great day!


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Ad customizer from Enhanced eCommerce or FB XML?

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Hello @Irbe Z, I don't have a ready-made solution for your task - you will need the assistance of your programmer. 


Instead of using Google spreadsheets, he can work with AdWords API which was designed for large advertisers: 

Cheers, Alexey
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