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Ad Scheduling and Daily Budget

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This is probably one of the most common questions on here, yet I have been unable to find a satisfactory answer.


Assume, that I have 600$ left to spend in my campaign, which is only running on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and has just finished its original run. I am looking to extend the campaign by another weekend, but would like to adjust the daily budget to match the remaining total budget.


Now, the question is: do I essentially set my daily budget at 200$, seeing as there are three *active* days left on the campaign, or do I set a much lower daily spent based on the "daily*30,4=total campaign budget" formula?


I'd greatly appreciate any help!

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Re: Ad Scheduling and Daily Budget

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Hi F Maximillian S, welcome to the Community.


Actually, it's not that common a question, and it's a good one.  Although AdWords will use your daily budget as a guide to what is spent each day, the actual spend is based upon the 30.4 x the daily budget in a month.  AdWords can spend up to 20% more than your daily budget in any given day, adjusting the total spend as the billing period progresses so that overall you don't spend more than 30.4 x.  So, in theory, if you set your Daily Budget to $200 for just three days, you could actually spend $660, because AdWords doesn't "know" that you're going to stop advertising after those three days (even if you set an end date you may always re-start).


In practice, however, the results do vary.  The 20% "overspend" tends to happen when clicks are very frequent and/or very expensive so you may find that you do only spend $200.  If the $600 limit is "hard", you might want to set the Daily Budget at something like $180 or $190 to decrease the risk of overspending.


Alternatively, you could look at using Automated Rules to warn you or control your spend more directly.  



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