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Ad Scheduling - Turning ads off

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Have been messing with ad scheduling. Before they updated the interface there was always that nice graph that would show when ads are running and bid adjustments.


What I'm not clear about now and I've poured over the adwords help files, is if I don't set a rule for a specific time, will my ads not show?


Basically I do not want certain campaigns to run from 10PM to 6AM. If I set rules for all other times, will this timeframe just not show ads? Or did they remove the ability to not show ads during certain times, and it falls back to the default CPC, and I would have to reduce the PPC spend -90%.

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Re: Ad Scheduling - Turning ads off

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Must have missed this. I think this answers it.

"When you use custom ad scheduling, your ads are eligible to appear only in auctions that take place during the dates and times you specify."
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Re: Ad Scheduling - Turning ads off

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Hi Jamie, as you've found, the way scheduling works hasn't changed, it's just the interface (personally I preferred the old graph display as well).  If you set a time period for 6am to 10pm then your Ads will only run during those hours.


Note that if you want to use bid adjustments for times of day/days of the week you'll need to have separate schedule entries for each period and you can only have 6 for any given day so you'll probably need to look at historical data to guide where those periods fall.  So, for example, you might end up with your day split as follows:


6am - 9am

9am - midday

midday - 3pm 

3pm - 5pm

5pm - 8pm

8pm - 10pm


(or any other split that works for your data).



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Re: Ad Scheduling - Turning ads off

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Yes, the functionality in principle is what it used to be but the execution in terms of implementing it on the UI has changed and for the worse!!

When you click '+Ad Schedule' for adding a specific day, time slot & a bid combination then why does deleting it (& the other rows for the day) would mean deleting the entire day? Shouldn't it just mean deleting what's been added as extra and not the default or the base?

Doesn't seem logical and worst of all when this does happen, it doesn't even pop up a warning message or alert notification that your campaign is not scheduled to run on a specific day or you don't have 100% coverage?

More so, with a long list of campaigns, multiple time slots & days combinations results in countless rows which makes it much more difficult to have a clear visualization of the current ad scheduling across complex accounts.

I'd strongly favour a simpler & a more user friendly (Visual) format from Google.
But who's listening??