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I have quite a detailed question on a keywords ad rank score.


I target the location 'united kingdom' for the keyword [widget]


  • Will my ad rank score for my keyword be applied to the whole of the united kingdom? (1 ad rank score)
  • Or does my keyword have a different ad rank score for each province, city, town, postcode area etc?

As Ad Rank is used in the auction process to determin ad position im trying to drill down in to how far in my targeted location (UK) the ad rank formula would go.



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February 2017

Ad Rank

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Hi @Paul J


Every time your keyword is searched, a new auction takes place and the ad position is determined. Ad position can constantly fluctuate and the ad will be positioned differently throughout the country based on many factors that are outlined in this AdWords Help article about Understanding ad position and Ad Rank. So for example, if there's more interest in your keyword in a major city vs. a small rural town, there will likely be more competition and more searches - those two factors alone can cause your ad position to vary across the UK. 


The Ad Preview Tool is great tool to preview a Google search page for your keyword, because you can change the location setting to a specific province, city, town, postcode, etc. and get a sense of how your ad appears in that area without changing your campaign's location targeting. 


This AdWords YouTube video of Google's Chief Economist Hal Varian is the best explanation I've seen on Ad Position, Ad Rank and Quality Score:


I hope that helps a bit!