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Ad Rank & Avg Position of keyword

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I am facing related to ad rank and keyword avg position. I improved the factors responsible for the same, like

 1) Q.S. is 7

 2) bid is better than decent

 3) running the ad extension,

what would be the other issues impacting the position of keyword and ad? Any suggestion will be apprciated

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Re: Ad Rank & Avg Position of keyword

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Hi Akshay,

Though you have improved all the factors that affects ad rank but all other thing is the real time auction.

If you are still lacking in the ad position them it is obvious that other competitors in the auction are performing better than you.
They might be having better QS and bids than you.

Recommend you to use the descriptions in the sitelink extension ans use a strong Call to Action in the ads.
Also use Callout extension to additionally show your USPs.
There will help to boost the CTR which is the most important factor of QS.

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