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Ad Extensions - Difference in Performance when either Campaign or Ad Group based?

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Hi all,


I was just looking through all my campaigns to optimize them a bit. I stumbled across the Price Extensions which I then applied on just 1 Ad Group to see how they would look like. Diagnostic tool and Google ( on my phone) showed me the ad straight away with the extension which I think is one of the best extensions out there. Anyways after that I applied this extension to my top campaigns, which I did at Campaign level. After almost 5 minutes of searching for the ads on Google, the ads always appeared always without the Price extension but showed other extensions I am using like Sitelinks, Callout & Call.


Here are my 2 questions:


  1. Is there a difference in performance of Extensions when they are set on campaign or ad group level? I almost have a feeling that setting Extensions at Ad Group level increases the chance of showing the extension on Google.
  2. I currently have 4 different extension types running for all my campaigns mostly at campaign level. Could it be that the if I only would use 2 extension types that Google would show either of them more often than having to "cycle" through 4-5 of them? Because the best then would be to use Price Extension, Call & Callout.


Thanks for your help!



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Ad Extensions - Difference in Performance when either Campaign or Ad Group based?

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Hi @Nico Rentschler,


1. When you use ad group specific extensions you have more options to customize them to the ads and keywords housed by the ad group. Also in general, I'd expect ad group level extensions to perform better. 


2. Agree, I'd only use Price, Call and Callout.




Ad Extensions - Difference in Performance when either Campaign or Ad Group based?

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If a specific extensions clearly performs better for you, then you may only want to focus on that/those extension(s). If you focus only on the potential QS effects of not having multiple extensions, you may actually "hurt" your QS rankings. If historical performance (CTR) is the primary factor is QS, and only included the best performing extensions improves CTR, then less may actually be more. Smiley Happy