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Ad Customizers with Google Drive spreadsheet

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Hi everyone!


I want to run some ad customizers off a Google Drive spreadsheet and update this daily - this help file ( suggests I should be able to do this, but when I go into the Business Data section of AdWords, there is no Scheduled Upload option. What am I doing wrong?

Ad Customizers with Google Drive spreadsheet

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Alex are you following these Google recommended steps?  If so can you tell us precisely where the problem is happening. 


It sounds like it may be a browser or local Javascript issue. If you are working in Firefox, try Safari or Chrome (etc). Clear your cache, restart browser would be the first thing I'd do. 


Upload your file

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. From Shared library on the left navigation bar, choose Business data.
  3. Click +DATA and choose the sort of data you’d like to add.
  4. Name your new data source.
    • It’s best to use a short name without any spaces.
    • Make sure not to re-use the name of an old data set or feed that you've removed. AdWords can only recognize new names.
  5. Click Browse for file and choose the file you’d like to upload. Keep in mind that the size limit for .csv and .tsv files is 500MB and 50MB for other file types.
  6. Click Upload

Check your upload status

  1. Click + Upload history to see your recent uploads.
  2. Under the “ACTION” column, you can Download results if the upload was successful, or Download errors to see what you can fix.


Ad Customizers with Google Drive spreadsheet

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Hi Steve,


Thanks for this, I've managed to get that far but what I ideally want is for AdWords to automatically fetch changes from the Google Drive sheet on a daily basis rather than having to manually upload - do you know if this is possible?